The Endless Feast

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Since its inception in 1994, Film Garden has created and produced over six hundred episodes of television programming. Film Garden's varied body of work stands as a tribute to its ongoing vision - telling compelling stories across a broad spectrum of reality and documentary genres. From ground-breaking reality strip series such as TLC's "A Wedding Story" to the fun, competitive "Popularity Contest," to the personality driven travel series, "Taste of America," Film Garden is proud to be a company known for creating great programs that repeatedly capture audiences.

From primetime network specials and long-running series to daytime strips and documentaries, Film Garden has built a reputation for reliably producing quality programs for a variety of broadcasters including ABC, Discovery Channel, TLC, Fox, Women's Entertainment, A&E, Spike, Food Network, MSNBC, Travel Channel, The Weather Channel, Animal Planet, Fine Living, History Channel, CMT, Discovery Home and Discovery Health.

Film Garden continues to develop and produce series, features and new media projects that reflect a commitment to quality and innovation.

The Endless Feast is presented by American Public Television and airs on Public Television stations nationwide.