The Endless Feast


201 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The beauty, bounty and diversity of Edmonton are all showcased on the organic farm of Chinese immigrants Eric and Ruby Chen, who along with other local family farmers like Spring Creek Ranch and Sylvan Star Cheese Farm, provide mouth-watering cuisine for Chef Blair Lebsack’s creative summer feast.

202 Whitefish, Montana

In summertime, the spectacular ski resort town of Whitefish, Montana is transformed into a paradise of beautiful mountain vistas and glistening lakes – the perfect backdrop for a feast of buffalo, huckleberries and other Wild West fare prepared to gourmet perfection by Chef Andy Blanton.

203 The Arkansas Delta

The movement to eat locally and sustainably is in its nascent phase in the Arkansas Delta, so when passionately devoted organic farmers Keith and Jill Forrester donate their farm and produce for a stunning fall feast, the region’s excitement is palpable.

204 Greenwood, Mississippi

Chef Taylor Bowen Ricketts brings the Mississippi Delta community together for a celebration of locally produced prawns, catfish, bread and pottery at a beautiful and culturally significant feast location: Dockery Farms, a.k.a. the birthplace of the Blues.

205 New Orleans, Louisiana

An all-star cast of award-winning chefs including Susan Spicer, Donald Link, and Aaron Burgau join forces to celebrate the unique culinary heritage of New Orleans, with a feast featuring organic produce and locally caught wild shrimp and oysters.

206 Brooklyn, New York

Local, sustainable fare can be nurtured in even the most urban of locations, as Chef Laurent Saillard demonstrates with a delectable autumn feast grown by city dwellers in a Brooklyn community garden.

207 Faber, Virginia

Polyface Farm, subject of Michael Pollan’s book Omnivore’s Dilemma and the recent feature film Food Inc, provides rabbits, chickens, and a healthy dose of philosophy for Chef Gail Hobb’s feast set on a lush Virginia winery.

208 Boxford, Massachusetts

New England rolls out its autumn finery, with changing leaves, rolling hills and beautiful pastureland surrounding Chef Michael Leviton’s harvest supper that he created from local farms, including one that has been operational since Colonial times.

101 Whistler, BC, Canada

Chef Grant Cousar holds his French-inspired feast of beef carpaccio canapés roast corn and potato vichyssoise, locally raised beef with roasted beet jus, and hazelnut meringue with fresh berries and cream, in the majestic mountains of Whistler, British Columbia...

102 Portland, OR

For an island dinner just outside of Portland, Oregon, chefs John Gorham, Ben Dyer and Scott Dolich craft a meal of frogmore seafood stew and pasture-raised goat.

103 Brooklyn, NY

Chef Laurent Saillard incorporates seasonal vegetables like collard greens, kale and sweet potatoes from a Brooklyn, New York community garden into his autumn feast.

104 Vermont

On a homestead in the mountains of southern Vermont, Chef Jason Tostrup incorporates meat and produce from four farms and a cider mill to create a meal of tomato tarts, quail, beef, lamb and locally made cider syrup.

105 Phoenix, AZ

With saguaro cactus and a striking mesa as a backdrop, a desert feast held on Yavapai Nation land near Phoenix, Arizona, features dry-climate fare such as prickly pear margaritas, fresh dates and guarijio squash.

106 Virginia

Chef Gail Hobbs' five-course meal of locally raised rabbit, chicken and pork, hand-crafted goat cheese and fresh-picked produce and raw honey takes in a lush vineyard in Virginia's Hickory Creek Valley.

107 New Hampshire

Under the boughs of fruit trees at New Hampshire's Gould Hill Orchard, Chef Andrew Gruel creates a meal of venison, trout and produce gathered from seven local farms and a dairy.

108 Vancouver, BC

Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, a picturesque dairy in the foothills of Vancouver Island's Mount Arrowsmith, is the perfect site for Chef Ronald St. Pierre's delectable meal of locally raised pork, fresh-picked wild blackberries, seasonal greens and, of course, hand-made cheeses.

109 Petaluma, CA

A "full moon feast" held on a ranch in Northern California features beef raised on-site, winter squash and roasted beets, prepared by local chefs, including Jessica Prentice and Kelsie Kerr of famed Chez Panisse restaurant.

110 Sherwood, OR

At Baggenstos Farm, a third-generation family farm located in the verdant hills of Sherwood, Oregon, chefs David Machado and Vitaly Paley serve an Indian-influenced six-course feast, including samosas, curried corn bisque and braised lamb.

111 Arroyo Grande, CA

A central California feast highlights local seafood, lamb and pork served in a pasture amid the rolling hills of Arroyo Grande.

112 Massachusetts

On a small-town farm in Massachusetts, Chef Michael Leviton crafts a fall harvest supper featuring root vegetables, autumn squash, oatmeal stout-braised Angus beef and seared sea scallops.

113 Carpenteria, CA

A California coastal feast on the Coleman family farm in Carpinteria, prepared by chef Remi Lauvand, features sustainably caught black cod, fresh herbs and local heirloom tomatoes.

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