The Endless Feast

The Endless Feast travels the continent, bringing together local farmers and food artisans, food lovers and star chefs, as we explore the connection between the earth and the food we eat, one incredible feast at a time. Each episode introduces a different region and features a gorgeous feast staged in a stunning outdoor location, from farm fields to vineyards to urban community gardens, celebrating food at the source.

One evening we might dine on an Oregon island. It’s twilight and the heat of the day is gently receding. The diners stroll through farm fields colored by bright flowers and succulent vegetables. Among the verdant rows lies a long linen-draped table adorned with shells and fresh blossoms. Flickering lanterns swing gently from sticks gathered along the nearby river. The diners take their seats as the guest chef, from one of Portland’s finest restaurants, puts the finishing touches on the first course in the impromptu kitchen. As the camera settles on the vintner pouring his new release, we venture out to his boutique winery and explore the winemaker’s unique crop of grapes, and the cellar that has been turning out remarkable wines for almost a decade. Back at the dinner table, an appetizer of smoked salmon is served on buckwheat blinis. The camera settles on a local fisherman whose family has been fishing these waters for three generations. We are immediately transported into his world, as we ride along on a salmon hunt and discover the old smoking huts that still cure the delicate fish.

As the evening progresses and a bounty of delicious courses streams from the outdoor kitchen, we experience unforgettable food from earth to exquisite eating. From the heirloom tomatoes grown by a father and son farming three acres, to the cheese made from the milk of a small herd of grass-fed goats, these are the stories of a truly endless feast – celebrating local and sustainable food providers to ensure an endless bounty for generations to come.

Whether it’s truffle and dandelion salad in a forest clearing in California or sweet apple pie under the apple branches of Massachusetts, we’ll dine among the very elements that fill our plates, and hear tales of the land and its food from the locals themselves.

Join us as the gifts of the land serve up The Endless Feast.